Greetings to Cairo

Well just a short notice, but especially as someone who enjoys to live in a free democratic country thanks to a bloodless revolution, I would like to welcome the people in Egypt in the free world, and wish them they get the democracy they boldly fought for. To celebrate with them, I decided to prepare a meal that should be egyptian traditional dish. Truth to be told I really doubt it was any close to anything traditional, it consisted only of a pieces of fish meat mixed with pretty usual european vegetables, but the meal was good and it was a recipe from the package of seasoning mix named "Greetings from Cairo" and that was the point :) But I promise I will improve, I reckon that egyptian cuisine is full of vegetarian recipes, so I'll try the Kushari some day too. I'll let know how that went ;)
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Velvet Revolution: another history plot...

Demonstration on Wenceslas Square

Again, there was a national holiday here in Czech republic yesterday. We can claim to have lived through the longest period of independence in modern Czech history. And that means (oh no... oh yes!) another historical gibberish from me :P
On the the 17th November 1989, a demonstration of students sparked the events that led to reinstating democracy in my country. In few days, over million people joined the demonstrations, and the communist regime quickly fell (without single shot, hence Velvet Revolution). We were one of the last countries overthrowing the regime, the people were probably too worried because of a Red Army's suppression of '68 Prague Spring, a peaceful attempt for democratic changes. Anyway with a following bloodshed in Romania, the Soviet "Eastern Bloc" fully broke up. One of the important things that allowed it to happen was the decision that the Red Army will not intervene anywhere against the demonstrations, made by the Soviet Union's first man, Mikhail Gorbachev.

Speaking of Gorbachev, what he did was excellent for the world, but from one point of view, he should should have been sentenced for treason, if the empire he ruled hadn't ceased to exist. When he came to the power, he actually tried to implement the Czech ideas from '68, the 'socialism with human face', trying to reform the country. His first greater reform was an anti-alcohol campaign to fight widespread alcoholism. As he raised the prices of alcohol, the production migrated to the black market economy and that brought a terrible blow to the state budget. The widely known glasnost and perestroika reforms followed. The censorship stopped, but Gorbachev didn't expected the rise of separation tendencies in Soviet countries that will start afterwards - I would say that because of the censorship he wasn't fully aware of the dissidents as well. So after some final agony, the Soviet Union was dissolved in 1991. Btw, was there ever another ruler who made his country to come to an end without any war?

The 68 turned around gives 89... Coincidence?

Ok, and here's my theory that I can prove :) In '68, the Czechs already wanted the democracy again, but in the bad times of cold war, they knew that the Soviet Union will not allow them to leave the Communist Bloc. So they came with ambitious plan - they invented a theory that there can be socialism allowing the people standard human rights, people would be happy and it would be something even better than democracy. They knew its nonsense, but they hoped some Gorbachev will come and believe it. What they needed was to get close to the Soviet political leaders, so by their politics, they forced the Red Army to invade the country, send them in the Moscow and talk with the Soviets (I promised proofs - Mikhail Suslov was present on the negotiations, and later it was due to his support that Gorbachev gained the power). The Czechs were forced to accept the occupation of the country, but they sow the doubt, knowing that the Russian Communists will be still pondering, whether their theory can work, and that it will bring the full freedom to the countries when they try it.
So as you see, it was the Czechs who was responsible for the fall of the Soviet Imperium :)

Ok, enough of humor, I'm happy that for twenty years I can live in a free democratic country, and there's one thing I really want to say to all the people who fought for it: Thanks!

History plot revealed: About Wenceslaus I

The day we celebrate today is called The day of Czech statehood, and its the day when saint Wenceslaus, patron of Czech nation, died.
We (you can guess who the other person was) somehow pondered why we celebrate the Czech statehood on this day. A simple answer could be, that Wenceslaus I. was ruling badly, so his death was something to celebrate. So we made a bit of research and it seemed, that its not really a nonsense.

Boleslaus I., the cruel, is considered to be murderer of his brother Wenceslaus. But he was great ruler, he united the land (though by force, hence cruel), made the borders safe through set of fortresses, created first currency in Czech, expanded to east and asked Rome to make Prague a bishopric (though not he, but his son, succeed in this goal).

So I see it clearly: it was short time after the German invasion (as the German forces has reached Prague without any problem and Wenceslaus was forced to pay to Germany each year), when Wenceslaus told his brother: Boleslaus! We both know, you would be better ruler than me... But you cant rule now, when I'm alive. So I have this plan: you will kill me, in a very suffering way, in the cathedral it would be best. I will become saint, so I will reach great glory and become patron of Czech nation. You will be named cruel, but you will make a great things! And your son can be named Pious." Of course Boleslaus wasnt really cheered, but how could he argue with older brother... So Wenceslaus was killed - we don't know whether in 929 a.d., or 935 a.d., but we know it was 28. September, and we can celebrate the death through which the state gained its statehood.
Hail saint Wenceslaus!

Mein gross EF report

*blinks at the date of last post and shakes his head*
Anyway, I wanted to write about EF and tell you everything!
Trying to find and buy something, that I believe now does not exists in Czech Republic. Doing all that was needed to be done before EF through all night.
Wednesday: Traveling there 9 hours by train. Sleeping.
Thu-Sat: Food. Furs. Sleep.
Sun: Traveling back, by train again.

So, as you see, EF was great :o) Howgh!
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Plan H for horses to rule the world

Again I dont have time and you know, not having time is a good opportunity to update the journal ;o).
From the recent news... Last week I was in the school - for first time this semester. And now is the exams time. At least it seems that I returned to the school thing in right time, but it will be tough month. I hope Epona will help, I will neeed it. *YAAAAAWN* Why am I so tired? I want to sleep...

HAHA! Finally he sleeps! Now I will begin with my plan to rule the world! But before that, I will tell you how was the eclipse in Turkey :o). Oh, I'm Hugo, a plushie that lives with Xhorse.
I'm used to be very quiet (because I was preparing the plan H), and since I said nothing for too long, I will pay back now.

Collapse )

Btw I think Xhorse wanted to reproduce you a discussion from the streets of Turkey city:

"I love how friendly and willing are people in Turkey."
"Yes, but they are crazy drivers..."
"See, in Czech when you step on the road for instance, they will shout bad and offensive language at you."
"But in Turkey they wont stop and kill you!"
"But they dont mean nothing wrong! They will come with big flower to your funeral, that they will probably even pay!"
"Well, isnt that super?"

(special thanks to Angus for that nice pictures and to everyone for wonderful trip)
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OMG CeSFuR starts today!

Sorry for all the inactivity, thats the cesfur price.

Oh, but I wanted something else...
Happy birthday Storm! May your hooves step on the finest land, your grass be the most juicily and your bed the softest.
(And sorry if that doesnt make sense, I'm a tired horse now)

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Well, I was so dumb that I filled this and now I have to post it here. So:

If you had me alone...locked up in your house for twenty-four hours and I had to
do whatever you wanted me to, what would you do with me? All replies will be
permanently screened because it's a secret. Then repost this in your LJ. You
might be surprised with the responses you get.
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